Ryan + Debbie

On Sunday, September 2nd, 2012, Debbie and Ryan were married. Officially.
A few months ago, this lovely couple eloped in Costa Rica. On Sunday they had a small, legal
ceremony at the end of the dock at Ryan’s mum’s house on Okanagan Lake.
They said their vows with their daughter, also named Brynn, and both of their mothers as witnesses.
It was simple, sweet, and beautiful.
After the ceremony, we hiked to another part of Okanagan Lake in Ellison Provincial Park.
There we found a really neat cliff face which Nathan, Debbie, and Ryan hiked to the top of, and I waded into
the water below to get some epic photos. We were very impressed to see Debbie hike all the way up to the

top in her heels!

We snapped a few photos of each other working at this wedding and thought you might like to see them too.

Thanks for choosing us, Debbie and Ryan, and thanks for being a treat to shoot!

- B + N

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